Mobile App

We strive to create an application capable to combine the storage capacity of different cloud providers in a safe way.

Storm Cloud will be a very user-friendly software working in the following way:

1. At the moment of installation, the program requires to insert some personal data (Name, e-mail..). The latter are used in order to create some free accounts offered by different cloud storage providers. Everything happens automatically and in a very short time. At the end of the process, the user has several gigabytes of storage capacity distributed across servers of different providers.

2. At any time the user can establish where he/she wants to save his/her data, choosing one or more accounts offered by different providers. Storm Cloud automatically splits the files into many subunits, encrypts them and save each unit in the memory space of the selected accounts.

3. At any time the user can download his/her data, even if a given cloud storage provider is temporarily unavailable: Storm Cloud can support a certain number of providers not responding.

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